What’s the safest approach to core strength development?

By Dr. Gbolahan Okubadejo

Traditional ways of building core strength have included planks, crunches, sit ups and leg raises. With the advent of social media, innumerable instructors demonstrate other techniques of working the core using a bench to go through different routines, or various other supine activities with different angles of leg movements or even using a medicine ball or kettle bells to work the core. Many of these are great routines however most of them expose the spine to various stresses that can place undue stress on the neck or back.

A gap in techniques for core strengthening exists as there aren’t many options which feature use of the arms to anchor powering through and building the core. There are ab rollers and a few other devices that feature the arms as the focal point, however they are limited in efficacy and movement.

360 CoreBoard was designed to fill this gap and provide a limitless array of options to build the core. With its propriety design featuring 360 degree friction-free movement and supreme modularity, this device is truly science in motion. In its fully assembled form, with the board attached, either the arms or the feet can be placed on the device, with the user taking advantage of limitless movement and gravity to apply maximal stress to the core. With the board detached, the user can apply downwards pressure throughout the range of motion, using ground reaction forces to boost core stress and strength. The harder the user pushes into the ground, the more work is involved, targeting the core relentlessly. Multiple muscle groups are simultaneously activated through all of these movements. The user will also notice a cardiovascular component as well.

Most Important with the use of 360 CoreBoard, the neck and back do not experience significant stress throughout the different movements. The majority of the stress is felt in the core and arms when the hands are mediating the movements with certain routines. Even with the feet placed on the board, the core is the engine that powers the rotational movements while also providing stability. This contrasts to sit ups, crunches and leg raises which place direct stress on the neck and lower back thereby increasing the risk of injury. In this vain, the push mechanism to power core movements with 360 CoreBoard far out trumps the pull-based movements of the other routines.

360 CoreBoard is truly revolutionary and exciting as the user has an unlimited array of routines to build the core, making each workout an exhilarating and unique experience. The feedback from users has been incredible and inspiring. Join the challenge and build your core!!!