360 CoreBoard was designed with the idea of providing unlimited range of motion, and dynamism to core workout routines. Most traditional core routines involve linear movements from a kneeling position or caused the potential for increased stress to the lower back with crunches and sit ups. 360 CoreBoard avoids these issues by allowing for strengthening of the core through a primarily upperbody-based mechanism, with unlimited easy glide movements.

360 CoreBoard uniquely places stress on the entire core, especially in fully extended positions, while remaining supine. The unlimited, easy glide of 360 CoreBoard, facilitates friction-free, spine-safe rotation on a stable base as has never been seen before. The central core, obliques and serratus muscles are actively engaged and strengthened with these movements. The arms, chest and shoulders are also actively involved in maintaining the position of the body off of the ground through all movements, thereby also experiencing significant gains in strength with consistent use of the device.

The modularity of 360 CoreBoard also uniquely allows for more choices and variety of each workout routine. With the Board off, each armpiece serves as an individual fulcrum as you go through your workout routine. With the static base on, you can begin your workout routine with pushups. Having just one static base on with the wheels free on the other handpiece also offers another great challenging option while going through your routine.

360 CoreBoard provides the smoothest and most stable option for foot-based, lower core strengthening. The easy glide with unlimited rotation with your hand secured down and toes on the board allows for a unique and effective challenge as has never been seen before.

The option of adding resistance bands to the board and the hand pieces allows for another level of challenge that truly adds to the unlimited possibilities for your core routine that signifies the essence of 360 CoreBoard.

360 CoreBoard is truly a breakthrough in creativity, and versatility in the arena of core strengthening devices. I hope that you enjoy the challenge that this device provides and add 360 CoreBoard to your core workout routine.



Gbolahan Okubadejo, MD, FAAOS, leads The Institute for Comprehensive Spine Care, with offices in the greater New York City area, as a spinal and orthopedic surgeon. Board certified and fellowship trained, Dr. Okubadejo specializes in the treatment of degenerative spinal disease, spinal deformity, and cervical, lumbar, and thoracic conditions.

Dr. Okubadejo is a published research author and has presented his findings at several major spinal conferences around the globe. While a surgical resident, he won the Leonard Marmor Surgical Arthritis Foundation Resident Award for the best research project.

Dr. Okubadejo believes in the power of preventive care, minimally invasive surgical procedures, open communication with patients, and personalized care. When he’s not caring for patients, he enjoys traveling, learning about different cultures and the arts, and playing golf.

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